Seasoning a Cast Iron Skillet




There’s nothing like cooking with a cast iron skillet. Whether you are creating a fruit cobbler, corn bread or searing a steak the even heating temperatures are hard to beat. You can go from cook top to oven easily as well. Here is how I season my skillet…

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.
Heat pan on medium high flame/heat on your stovetop for a few minutes.
Use a cloth or papertowel and rub with canola oil and lots of kosher salt.
Rub to remove any rust and pour off the rusted salt as you go.
Put skillet upside down in the top rack of the oven and place a cookie sheet lined with foil on the bottom rack.
Leave it in the oven for about an hour.
Turn off the heat and let cool in the oven.

Cast iron cookware should never go into the dishwasher.  The soap can damage the seasoning coating and the overexposure to water can cause it to rust.  The cookware can be washed with warm water and a scrub brush or rubbed with coarse salt. If you need to use soap it should be used sparingly and be sure to dry it completely. Again the rust factor. You may want to add a small amount of additional oil just in case.



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